War Robots features and gameplay

War robots is an action game launched in 2017 by a Russian game developer company Pixonic. Rather than an action game, the game allows players to create their robots. There are several modes in the game that makes it more exciting. Earn cash and create or customize your robot. Play with robots and fight with rivals to have a perfect robot try hack war robots to get a suitable robot.


From the beginning, the game has always recommended to create your War robot and fight in missions. The game contains several types of modes to play and increase the level of robot. There are so many levels of missions which help in to increase the levels of robots as well. Higher experience robot will have higher strength points and endurance points. These experience points help in the war between the rival players.

Players can also enjoy this game with friends and players from all around the world. Competing with other real online players helps to increase experience and strategies. While playing with computer robots, the player does not gain any higher experience and also cannot check his strategies. Computers are not that much hard as computer to online players.

Computers are indeed equipped with every weapon, but still, they do not use all of their power or skills that’s why playing with the online player is way better than playing with the computer but even hack war robots is the easiest way to unlock skins.