Know the gameplay and modes of the Airline Commander


Airline Commander is the ultimate game where you can connect your airlines around the world. The game is very much liked by the people because of the amazing features and outstanding climax. Your main aim is to collect money for the resources and new planes and if you are unable to get money then is right to apply Airline Commander Hack, as here you will get all that you want and of course of free cost.

About the game mode

Basically, there are two modes that are normal mode and the simulation mode for the route stage. The normal mode is quite similar to the license tests, whereas when we talk about the simulation mode, the actions and challenges are considered to be tougher for the completion. In the simulation mode, you get relativity feeling of the real world plane. From the options menu, you can adjust and control the sensitivity of the flight which you are using. There are various responses which are harder as well as easier as compared to the other.  To steer the planes easily, you can tilt your phone sideways as it is good while accessing the game. It is the right way to gain more products and resources for the game.

The interesting part of the game

You can also unlock some extra routes for generating money.  Before playing the game, you should keep in your mind that your flight will receive more money when you unlock more and more flights. Money is an interesting part of the game as if it is absent, you felt bored, so it is good to have the option of money. The game moves in a cyclic process like firstly you earn money after that you will buy new and latest licenses for your flight. After that, you had to pass the exams, and finally, you are able to unlock more routes for the particular game.