Check Out Types Of Troops In Castle Clash

Troops are considered as the combat units which can only be used at the time or raid, Dungeons and for the Heroes trial in the Castle Clash game. Basically, there are lots of things that every player will find in this game such as buildings, Heroes, bosses and many more, but one main thing on which you always need to pay attention on is the collection of currencies. By completing the process of Castle Clash Cheats, players will attain the desired amount of gems and other important funds of the game. Once you gain a huge amount of currencies then simply start working on the base for making the defense strong as possible as you can in the game.

Types of troops

As we have already mentioned that these great types of troops are really useful so simply check them out. Here are some more facts about the troops that you must experience-

To commence with the normal range troops in which you will find guardian, Hammer Dwarf, and the Savage Ogre.
Other type is range Troops that include Hunter, Shotgun Dwarf, and the most powerful is the Centaur.
Now the time is to explain about the Magic troops in which you will find the Pyromancer, Griffin and fairy Dragon.
Treant, Mecha Man and the Ornithopter whole are possible to get in the destructive troops.
Furthermore, we have met with all the great types of troops of the game, so keep your eye on them. Don’t forget to use the Castle Clash Cheats that is the most successful source of earning the gems in the game.